Every Sunday from 4:30- 5:30 pm children actively participate in our Sunday School programs. The Sunday School inculcates Krishna consciousness values and culture based on scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. Four classes are offered according to age group from toddlers to teenager. Sunday School children also participate in picnics, dramas, games and other fun filled activities.

For more information on enrolling your child today, please contact at BoD@IoHU.org.


1) Sunday School registration will be on Aug 27th, at the temple, right after the Arati, downstairs in the dining hall. Please do make it a point to register your child for Sunday school. This helps the teacher a lot in planning for the class.

2) Mandatory Parents-Teacher Meeting – SEPT 10th, 2PM.

This is a very important meeting that all parents, who have their child/children registered in Sunday School, are required to attend. This includes both fathers and mothers. To respect each others time, we humbly request all parents to please be on time for the meeting. If anyone of you have cooking service on this day, your cooking service will be covered and you will not need to cook that day.

We will also make arrangements to show a movie downstairs for all children so that parents can attend the meeting without interruption.

3) New Teachers – We welcome Varsha Mataji and Anuradha Sharma Mataji to our Sunday School. They will be teaching the Damodara Class.

4) Children’s Library – Beginning Sept, we will have a children’s library filled with exciting Krishna conscious books for all ages. This will encourage all children, of all ages, to borrow books and immerse themselves into the world of Krishna Stories. Vishaka and Anusha will be the librarians for this service.